Co-founder and CEO at Quesma. The ‘C’ also stands for coding.

Additionally, I’m a husband, father, tech enthusiast, and outdoor geek.

I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades in software.

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Things I have written and that have gained some traction:

Past hobby projects:

  • Email attention exchange #mvp #python #withGosia
  • Daily done tasks for a team #mvp #meteor #withGosia
  • Web game: Guess Who Said That #mvp #mobile #meteor #withGosia
  • Competed in algorithm competitions for years with great results (e.g. in high school was twice in the top 30 out of 38mln across the nation, received free admission to the university as award)
  • Graph plotting app in early days of JavaScript Canvas
  • In secondary school spammed my friends by exploiting Windows’ loopholes using Turbo Pascal
  • While still only school age, wrote a game using Visual Basic

Weapon of choice:

  • Websites: Meteor, JavaScript full-stack
  • Backend heavy: Scala, Go
  • Scripting: Python
  • Hosting infrastructure: Amazon Web Services

Software beliefs:

  • The user is (almost) always right
  • Incremental approach is usually better
  • Don’t code today what you can’t debug tomorrow
  • Analyzing and debugging software can be as fun as creating it
  • Only the paranoid will survive

Life beliefs:

  • All people inspire me; there is always something to learn from everyone.
  • We can reach universal prosperity through technological progress.
  • Design for failure resilience; efficient ecosystems/markets are more common than a hierarchy of perfect individuals.
  • God exists

Random things I have done:

  • Completed Tough Mudder in Tahoe
  • Conducted workshop on fault tolerance in distributed systems
  • Ran San Francisco marathon twice
  • Organized series (8) of Lightning talk events in Warsaw, Poland; these were popular (100-300+ ppl each), and secured some great sponsors (e.g., Google)
  • Enjoys hanging out with hackers at DefCon
  • Hiked Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in continental USA
  • Organized speed dating for Computer Science students twice
  • Travelled a lot, one thing at a time
  • Convinced local ISP to give me free broadband in exchange for hosting their radio access point (back in times when broadband was expensive and dial-up was mainstream)