… based on different software fashion (as know as 2+2).

Microservice architecture

Write an HTTP server that will do that. That way you can scale and update it independently from the rest of the system. So much better than developing a monolith.

Bay Area Startup

Just use our friend’s SaaS which got great REST API:


They have top notch engineering team and prestigious VC onboard. It’s so much better than rolling your home made solution.

Client-side JavaScript

I heard about a new framework released this week that got that function. Otherwise go with React, Angular or jQuery. Best of luck with your research.

Server-side JavaScript

function add(numberA, numberB, callback) {...}

is all you need. You may also check NPM, someone probably already wrote module for it.

Amazon Web Services

Use AWS Lambda, so you don’t have to maintain a server for it. We will just charge for execution time in seconds!

Java Enterprise

You will need to talk to Chief Architect who will design class hierarchy for you. Sounds like you need a few classes like NumberFactory, CalculatorFactor, Calculator, CalculatorOperation, NumberVisitor

Java Spring

Sounds like you can encapsulate it in a bean. Than just wire it using XML files.


So simple to do as a goroutine.


You can define implicit wrappers around numbers, custom operators and even write macro that will transform AST tree at compile time. How cool is that?


You can do it as pure function, but it may be easier if you make it a Monad. That way you will be able to add logging later.


Doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as you put it in a separate container.


Have fun solving the real problems that matters. Playing around with new technology can be cool, but making an impact is the ultimate pleasure.