I’m Jacek, and I have just decided that I badly need a new web presence. My previous attempts either look embarrassing, are written in the hardest language to learn (Polish) or both. So, starting from scratch seems the right way to go.

Right now, I live in San Francisco Bay Area. I’m happily married to the most wonderful women on earth - Gosia Migdal. I work at Sumo Logic, which can be described as:

  • Log management web service
  • Service for techies who want to figure out what their computers are doing
  • Web-scale grep as a service
  • Big data, machine data, cloud, analytics and a lot of VC money

More information about me.

I’m still figuring out what I am going to write about. There will definitely be some tech articles and general insight posts. Especially things that I, myself, would have liked to have read 5-10 years ago. Maybe, I will write about travel experiences and some tutorials. I plan to write one post a week, but I don’t make any firm promises.

I decided to use Jekyll as a blogging platform because it is:

  • Simple and easy to use/hack
  • Large community, everything is Googleable
  • Just static files, no more PHP to update!
  • Self-hosted, I own it :-), The previous platform I used was aquihired and shutdown, but it also got DDoS problems

Feel free to write me an email!